AB MEDIA - a fully cycled advertising and media agency, so called Universal Agency. We can offer you different kinds of advertising services.

Furthermore, our agency can render services in PR (political PR as well) and marketing.

We have priceless experience (as we have been working with many different clients for a long time) and can offer you up-to-date ideas and bring them to life.

To become our client you don't need to have a multi-million budget.

Not only large clients, but simpler customers as well, are welcome. And we can provide the similar service, but paying attention at simpler opportunities and creative requirements.

Here are a few reasons to turn to our agency.

If your advertising budget has increased dramatically and you desperately need help, probably it's time to turn to our Media Agency.

Ask yourself a question: "Is the money spent properly?"
If you suppose you cannot properly and accurately run you financial business. If you are not sure in the right choice of Mass Media.
If you consider as necessary to get professional advice, pick up the receiver and dial the sacred number of our Agency - (0) 6 212 740
You want to spend your precious working-time purposely
Do you have enough energy to pay serious attention to your PR project?
If you turn to our Media Agency you exclude a lot of everyday phone-calls and visits, clean your desk out of worthless piles of papers and keep your nerves safe and sound.
Finally, you'll get a more advanced advertising product as the one you could make yourself because, honestly speaking, everyone should run his own business.
Certainly, nobody knows the specifics of your own business better than you that's why our specialists will listen to you and plan the strategy of the advertising campaign particular suitable to your business.

We offer our clients complex advertising service:

Planning and providing of advertising campains
Media planning
Creative design
Production of video advertising
Production of audio advertising
Non-traditional advertising
Placing commercials in Mass Media

Professionalism, creativity and advanced solution of all kinds of our client's tasks - that is all about us.